Who Am I

Hard question.  It’s damn near impossible to summarize someone’s unique personality, daily attitude, life goals, deepest fears, and personal experiences into a few lines but I can try. I’m a passionate founder, an enthusiastic friend, and an avid learner who’s always looking to improve upon who I am today.

Think Positive | Be Creative | Live fully

What I Care About

In my constant effort to simplify everything in my life, a few years ago I sat down and attempted to connect what motivates me with my long-term goals. Here were the results.


(i) Find pleasure and happiness in the work I do.
(ii) Create deep-rooted and meaningful relationships with others.
(iii) Experience cultures & nature to enrich my life and open my eyes to the beautiful & diverse world we live in
(iv) Leave this world a significantly better place than when I came into it.

I wish you the best in finding your own internal motivations and deciding what truly defines you.

Where I’ve Been

From a young age, I’ve been blessed to have two loving parents who have taught me the value of travel and experiencing cultures. To date, I have traveled to over 25 countries on 3 continents. Here were some of my highlights.

-Hiking ~100km along the Camino de Santiago in Spain
-Canyon jumping in Interlaken Switzerland
-Drinking w/ friends at the 200th celebration of Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany
-Spending a week sailing with friends in Grenada & St. Vincents

-Watching Castell’s create human structures over 60 ft tall in Barcelona, Spain
-Visiting some of my work colleges in Surat, India 

-Watching the sunset over the Aegean Sea in Santorini Greece
-Kissing the love of my life as we walked along the Via Dell’amore in Cinque Terre, Italy
-Celebrating “Songkran” in the heart of Bangkok Thailand with my best friends
-Drinking authentic Belgian Beers as we traveled through Bruges and Ghent
-Eating the best food of my life in Bologna, Italy
-Marrying the love of my life in the Spring of 2019

… and hopefully many more to come

Where I Hope to Go

Well to start…. hopefully the remaining continents and countries on my hitlist 🙂 I hope to look back years from now and see that I’ve stuck to the four pillars I outlined above. Having these in my life centers me. It helps remind me whats important and not to get lost in the noise. When you sit back and account for what really matters in life and align your actions to these goals you can truly find fulfillment in the life you live. Along my way, I hope to help others understand what is most important to them and ignore the rest of the noise.

Think Positive | Be Creative | Live fully